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Market Geometry combined with Pattern Recognition


Technical Analysis Charting Software for Andrews Median Lines and Babson Lines for Stock, Futures and Forex trading. 

The market geometry tools in Precision Trader software have been used nearly 100 years. At the beginning they were used to track stock indices by Roger Babson. He taught Dr. Alan Andrews. Professor Alan Hall Andrews would teach how to use them by sending the exact instructions to read to a broker on Monday morning (click for proof in video). Now there is software that allows you to use hidden geometry in markets. Various versions of the software has been used by investors for over 20 years.

Who needs technical analysis charting software?   

Anyone who wants a tool that can train them in the use of the market geometry tools. Many know about the Andrews Median Line or Andrews Pitchforks but few really know how to use them effectively. Even fewer know how to select the pivots to draw the lines from. Most are not as obvious as the chart below.

Much like a bow and arrow. Nearly everyone knows how to shoot an arrow but few can actually hit the center of the target from a distance. This is why the Advanced Andrews Course is needed.

How can one get this software?

To develop a deeper richer understanding of the techniques the software is complimentary to anyone with access to the Andrews Advanced Technical Analysis Course. 

Alan Hall Andrews recognized the talents of Ron Jaenisch and supported him in teaching the course on the west coast. Professor Andrews reviewed his course manual and wrote on the cover "An Inspiring Digest of the Course Methods". The Professor also encouraged him to develop the course methods on computers. Over the years Ron developed various computer programs and is now working on a new version of Precision trader.  























































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